I Understand The Identity Struggle

Disclaimer This is a older journal entry that I just got around to finalize to publish.

change-1080462_640I totally get being focused on oneself that there is no room left for God. I also get allowing yourself to go by the lies of others that makes up your false identity, I also get finding your identity through Christ and this where I would like to talk more to you about!

For many years I allowed myself to go by the lies of others that it actually wrecked me too the point I couldn’t come too terms with how Christ saw me. It wasn’t until Pure Glory wrote me a letter from God  That I begin to fight back with killing my flesh and allowing the Lord Jesus Christ, the opportunity to shine through me and allow my new identity through Christ to shine. I’m still new with finding out that new identity, but I wouldn’t trade it in for the world.

Guy’s Jesus, loves his father Jehovah so much that Christ obeyed His father in Heaven and died on the cross for our sins, there is no amount of love that can amount up to that kind of love in this world, because it comes from above in the heavens. I don’t know about you, but I love God and God loves me, and this alone makes me want to kill the flesh daily, which is linked to my false identity. Through Christ, nothing is impossible!!! Pure Glory, also wrote it was urgent for my obedience and change, so I could move in the direction God wanted me to move.


So when I say I get it, I truly do get both sides of the spectrum of being a victim and being a conqueror through the Lord Jesus Christ. I admit I was afraid to allow God the opportunity to change me, but I pushed forward with faith and obedience. I asked the Lord into my life back in 2011 and it has taken until 2016 because I was to busy camping out in the wilderness that I neglected moving in the direction God wanted me to move on a quicker basis’s than 5 yrs… But it happen the way it did and God gets all the glory for my changes in the past 5 yrs because it wasn’t me, I didn’t believe I could change so I didn’t have the desire to try and change, for endless nights it seemed I cried out to the Lord and said if you’re real then please change me, and change started to happen but I didn’t notice right away either. When I did notice I begin to desire more change, but I fought the Lord with the obedience of trusting through faith because I endured many broken promises in life and I thought for the past 5 yrs God would be no different, but God, never backed down or broke a single promise. Believe or not God actually captured my heart with a scripture verse which is a promise from Jehovah.  The scripture was [Jeremiah 29:11-14]

-Godz cross-shield-36 Warriah,



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