A New Day Equals A Reset


Wow the Lord spoke some truth into me recently, I ended up resetting my computer quite a few times and the Lord spoke to me, after I prayed to Him, to please help me with the frustration due to the PC problems I was facing, but that problem was minor compared to the problem the Lord brought to my attention. The Lord said the following to me!

Son, as each day comes to an end I give you a new day a reset to wake up and learn from your mistakes of yesterday… But O’ son of mine why do you keep clinging to the things of yesterday when I offered you a new day a (Reset) You see son, when you cling to yesterday you cling to the past and I cannot fulfill your blessed future because of your free will to cling to yesterday the things of the past. -Daddy God

I pondered upon this message for hours and really deeply thought about it why was I clinging to the problems of yesterday, why was I bringing them forth into the new day to carry on my shoulders? The Lord say’s Carry our cross and yet I was adding old weight to the carry load and yet wondered why my day started out rotten. I’m now going to let the past of yesterday be the past and set forth the new day as a new day and be a doer of the Word of Jesus Christ.

Fam, if God is willing to offer us a reset each day we should be happy to accept it and carry on with allowing the Holy Spirit to mold us into the person we’re meant to be! and not allow the past of yesterday to get in the way of that Holy Spirit filled change that comes forth each new day.



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