I’m Back!


Well, it was a fun trip this year got to witness more people in our group this year compared to last year. Praise Jesus for the extra funding for the extra men to come along this year in our group.

Compared to last year my wall was completely down this year and I was inspired by the Holy Spirit to become more of a man than I currently are. (meaning a more Godly man) I learned a lot this year because I allowed my wall to be down, I was able to easily surrendered myself to the Holy Spirit, because I cannot create lasting change within me, like the Holy Spirit can; so I surrendered myself to follow the Holy Spirit’s leading and change the areas the Holy Spirit prompts for change.

Last year I allowed my past to hinder my faith walk and this year the first thing I surrendered was my past identity and I accepted my new Identity through Christ. I heard the Holy Spirit say close your eye’s after I surrendered and I saw a white heart that was broken become amended and then I heard the Holy Spirit say it is done! I knew right there the Holy Spirit was telling me, I am healing you, now follow my leading and the change will become complete within God’s timing.

I’m now back from the trip as a new inspired man, that is inspired by the Holy Spirit. It will take time for me to discover my true calling, but I am willing to wait upon the Lord, and heed the leadership of the Holy Spirit compared to before I went to the retreat. The Lord spoke volumes of inspiration into me this year and I am very thankful for it.

Turn up! your praise for the Lord.




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