Site Update

A couple of announcements the first being I changed the WordPress theme to be more tablet and phone friendly. The widgets are still there, they’re just hidden now. you can access them by clicking on the 3 dot menu button.


After clicking the 3 dot menu button the following overlay will appear


Second update I will be going to a men’s retreat with my dad this weekend and will not have time to post any new posts closer to Friday and I will not be posting again until around the following Monday or so. My dad recently gave his life to the Lord, and I thought this men retreat would be a good chance to get him round like minded men from our church to help strengthen my dad’s faith.

Oh I almost forgot to mention some may have seen me, change my pen name a bit I have finally after prayerful night after night I decided to go with R3IGN [Reaching 3veryone In God’s Name] The name fits the ministry purpose we have in mind, meaning God, and my wife & I.



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