Stop Running From God

Stop Running From God, and let go of your past you cannot step into your new identity through Christ, if you continue to run from God and cling to the familiar.

Fam, I know all too well about running from God for many years and I have thrown away seasonal opportunities because of it. Fam God, is longing for souljaz that are willing to fight the good fight to help the Holy Spirit bring forth saving new souls because of the obedience from the army of Christ.

Encouragement: Run with God!





    • I get where Pure Glory, is coming from and I also get your spectrum of the aspect as well, but when you begin to live in Christ you must let go of your past for you are made new (2 Corinthians 5:17) there for if a person doesn’t allow there past to be in the past then their not living the full potential that Christ is offering.

      I hope this encourages you to let go of your past Bic for you are a new creation through Christ, since you recently asked Jesus, into your life. 🙂

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