Boulevard Of Broken Dreams


For many years I was told I would never mount up to anything in life and I would sabotage my dreams and break promises to the Lord, as well others. recently the Lord asked me the following

Why son do you believe the lies of mankind, Have I not given you freedom from your past through my Son, (Jesus)

I thought to myself wow the Lord, is right! I am not allowing my identity through Christ shine, instead I am being held captive by mere words from mankind and this is why I would sabotage myself every time because I believed the Lies I wasn’t going to mount up to anything in life, but I’m here after a couple near death experiences and it’s because God see’s potential in me, and has a purpose for me to complete for His purpose and will, I’m not here for my own glory or purpose but His alone!

my point is this, God love’s you and see’s potential in you, to complete His will and it should be seen as a honor to complete such tasks of Jehovah’s will.



  1. The enemy has whispered these lies to you, because you are a threat to him. If you were not, he would leave you alone. God has plans to prosper you, to give you a hope and a future. The wounds will become scars that fade in the glory of his presence.

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