Journal Entry For 3/12/16

This Journal entry is in response to the Lord through a comment I received on a previous post.

carry_ur_crossLord I come before you with a humble heart to ask for forgiveness, you’re right Lord, it’s not about me; but about Christ whom does live within me. lord, I’m sorry for my mere words I guess I had myself fooled that my heart was in the right place, but Lord, you know me better than I do… Lord the desires of my heart are from you and I should’ve not took credit for that like I did Lord.

Lord I’m crying out to you for a tender heart towards you and your concerns and Lord I’m also asking for you to help make my heart tender for the men you lead me to teach. Lord, please search my heart and find any impurities that doesn’t reflect Christ through me, Lord you know what I’ve been through so It’s quite ugly in spots,  but once the impurities are burned there will be beauty among the ashes for your Son Christ Jesus, will reflect more through me.  Lord I couldn’t sleep because I kept hearing you calling out to my heart to fall to my knees and cry my heart out to you. So Lord I am going to end this journal here for know and go and fall to my knees before you because we have a lot to talk about Lord.




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