Journal Entry For 2/19/16

bible-300594_640Wow Lord this  year marks ten years since my dad passed away. Lord I sure did have a rough upbringing with him, but after his first stroke my dad turned his life around and served you with a daily smile. Lord my dad, was my hero in the end… Lord I know I saw the worst of my dad and then I got to experience the transformation you had completed through him.

I can remember the nurse at the facility my dad lived at, she said  that no matter how bad his health got my dad always had a upbeat attitude and she asked him why that is, and my dad replied to her that he was always happy because Jesus sat beside Him daily. Then the nurse at the hospital showed up to my dad’s funeral as well. She told me that she had to come to share her experience after my dad passed away She explained that it was a dark gloomy day and the sun broke through the clouds and shined through my dad’s hospital window and my dad’s body  glistened. Show told me that she felt it was an act of God that day and she had to share how my dad’s christ like attitude brought her heart back to Christ.

Lord I know I cannot fill my dad’s shoes, but my dad did ask me that if I ever did turned to you to spread the message of your love Lord, unto others… Lord I got to experienced both sides of my father and at one moment my dad didn’t believe you existed, to believe in Jesus Christ, sat beside him daily. Lord, I know you used Bella my wife to draw my heart towards you Lord, but my dad’s actions and attitude towards life and you in the end when he told me with Certainty that you Lord, were there to take him to his true home. Lord his final words were I can only imagine just hours before my dad passed away the song I can only imagine broke across the radio station, then my aunt had no knowledge what my dad said to me, recommended that we honor him with the song I can only imagine to honor his new life in heaven. I believe deep down those Lord you were behind both instance with the radio and my aunt’s suggestion.

Lord now I can only imagine what my life will be like in Heaven.




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