Journal Entry For 2/16/16

blog-250Well, Lord, I’m finding it harder as each day goes by to blog.  Lord I have a hard time pouring my heart out in front of others. I’m trying to obey you Lord. Lord my wife made me, a faith bracelet to help remind me, daily to live by faith and not by sight. 🙂 Lord my wife is the best blessing from you Lord.


Lord I don’t want to disobey you Lord, and at this point I don’t sense I would if I stopped video recording my prayers… Sometimes Lord I jump the gun to do something in fear you will be mad at me, I do believe I jumped the gun with the video prayer sessions because I thought to myself I have to prove to you and others I’m truly changing. Lord, I don’t have to prove to others, I should only be concerned with changing to honor you Lord, Lord, I don’t want to let you down so here I am writing today even though I feel sick. I could’ve easily not wrote today but, I made a promise to write an online journal for the next year so I have something to reflect back unto.

Prayer For 2/16/16
Lord , I come before you, today asking for you to search my heart and remove any impurities you come across, yesterday I mentioned I had a sexual lust issue and today I can report the issue is gone I didn’t sense the urge to undress women today Lord, 🙂 I finally feel free from that sin, Lord, that sin alone made me, feel like I was stuck in a prison. Lord, my victory is through you, and I give all the credit to you alone Lord, Amen.

This song reminds me, how I feel towards my flesh side, because it’s always the same old love where the flesh breaks the heart.



  1. David slew Goliath. Moses parted the Red Sea. Joshua scattered Israel’s enemies from before them. Deborah, Gideon, Samson, Othniel, and Jephthah performed magnificent feats of virtue and righteousness. We are no less than they.

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