Journal Entry Of Day 3

Disclaimer this post is written for self-reflection for a year from now. i have posted it to the blog as public because the Lord, asked me to do so.
blog-250 Well, Lord, today was rough for me I struggled to get the post ready today. Lord, you  said to me, push through it because your flesh is fighting all the way today.  Lord, I know I must push through and fight even when I don’t feel like pushing through and that is why I’m writing this post today even though  I didn’t want to Lord. The devil knows I give up easy and I do believe he is trying to get me to give up because the devil doesn’t want my relationship with you to grow, but Lord I know all to well what the devil brings to the table for I use to worship him daily and it’s nothing good.

Lord please help me to be a better husband towards my wife. She has been a champ when it comes to lifting me up. She always pushes me to be a better person and she pushes me to deepen my relationship with you Lord as well. Bella is truly a gift from you Lord.






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