Jouranl Entry Of Day 2

blog-250Lord yesterday my wife & I found out a person close to us damaged a piece of property behind our backs. This item is something we use a lot and this person knows that as well, so when they purposely destroyed the item we felt betrayed and as well angered. We both struggled to forgive even though the bible instructs us to.

Lord before we went to bed we each forgave the person and laid it upon your hands. As of today Lord another person close to us has gone out of their way to replace that item for us. We both thank you for this Lord and Lord, I want to lift the person that caused the damage up to you Lord, I pray you have mercy on them and I also pray for their salvation also Lord for I know this person struggles with things them self.

Lord as I go forth through day 2 I want to  thank you for being by my side and for the encouragement you have given me today for we know I give up easy. Lord I do want to grow deeper in this relationship with you Lord and I am trying harder to do so Lord, but there will be days I need to rest in your arms and I thank you in advance that you will be there for me. Amen.

Read Today Galatians Chapter 6


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