Journal: Enough With The Charades

Disclaimer: This journal entry is written in past pretense, I have recently given my whole life over to the Lord, I figured others to struggle with letting Go and could benefit knowing they’re not alone. At the bottom of the post I included a how to guide to move forward with letting go of your flesh and old identity 

: something that is done in order to pretend something is true when it is not really true

When I heard the song “same old love” recently It got me thinking about the same old love in my life known as the “flesh” side of me and how the flesh likes to play the Charades  game with God (Jehovah). Of course the song is talking about a different type of love, but it really got me thinking about how we try to play Charades with God and expect that He (God) doesn’t see right through it, but He does! and we shouldn’t act like He doesn’t.


I am truly sick of the same old love that tries to creep up in my life and tries to tear me apart from God, yes I’m speaking of my flesh again, it’s definitely an old flame that tries to creep back into my life daily, for the most part I have changed for the best, but I find my flesh side still  creeping in playing the Charades game as I go the route of  insanity repeating the same thing over and over again looking for a different outcome… I know deep down that the outcome will always be the same, but I seem to cling to certain aspects of the old identity even though I have yielded myself over to the Lord after time after time.  It’s like the  claw game but the opposite effect for this flesh claw has a grip on strongholds in my life.

So How Can You Achieve A New Start!

1: First of all you have to admit you’re not perfect and you do have strongholds in your life.

2: Fall to your knees before God (if you physically can) and repent of your sins and ask God to help you with your short falls and strong holds.

3: while still in prayer pour your heart over to God, leave nothing unturned seek His face and ask for cleansing from the Blood of Jesus. This is so you can begin to find your new identity through Christ.

4: After prayer refuse to give into your old ways and live the 180 lifestyle for God has cleaned your slate and you are now starting to live out your new identity through Christ.

5: Soulja Up and admit you cannot fight the battle on your own, because you will need the lord’s strength to carry forward… For nothing is impossible for the Lord. (Luke 1:37)

6: Remember you are not perfect and you will fall at times in your life span, the key factor is getting back up and ask the Lord for forgiveness and don’t dwell on those mistakes, but learn from them and push forward. (Remember your mistakes are not your identity)

7: Last but not least, but the most important aspect, stay in the word constantly throughout the day, don’t fit God into your busy schedule but instead try to fit yourself into His schedule and spend meaningful time with the Lord so He can teach you how to move forward in faith more compared to moving throughout the day via your flesh. This will also help you discover your new identity more as well.


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