It’s Your Choice To Live In The Past Or To Move Foreward


Up until recently I was guilty of holding on to the past and part of that reason was I was attached to whom I identified myself in relation with my past… Trust me when I say this I wanted to know my identity through God, I truly did, but I couldn’t because I wouldn’t allow for the room for God to restore my identity. Recently I broke down and fell to my knees asking the Lord to please help me get ride of the junk in my life… He surely told me in wouldn’t be easy, but the reward would be worth the process.

The process isn’t easy for sure, but it’s needed to move forward. it boil down to a me making an choice to not cling to the past anymore… The poison it fills you with is very toxic and very addictive, but through the blood of Christ, that addictive behavior can become conquered.

The saying goes if God can do it for me than He surely will and can change you as well! it just boils down to allowing God the opportunity to chisel away the junk in your life without trying to remain in control.

Lord I come before you today to thank you, for going before me and already having the solution to the pollution in my life. I ask of you to please continue to cleanse the junk out of my life that will hinder my relationship with you Lord Amen.


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