Let God Work Through You

By Young✟Soulja

keepit100-2Back when I was a teenager, I had a passion for writing, I was known as the grammar police, policing others. my teen years were some of my roughest times in life. It became so rough at times that I committed suicide. I know some consider me as a weak minded person, but walk a min in my shoes back then and just maybe you will see why I choose that route at the time in my life.

I took some very dangerous drugs and purposely overdosed with those drugs… I actually died and God revived me. 🙂 The doctor told my parents that I may suffer brain damage and about a week after I got home I couldn’t spell simply words like cat or dog.  Even though it was temporary I did suffer some long term effects and damage. Like my grammar is bad I won’t lie, before I committed suicide I had a deep passion for writing and I lost all that when I choose to go through with the drug overdose, but God has been restoring that deep passion…

I have actually have had people tell me, that I have a way with words when I write verse speaking them and this was after the suicide attempt… So a gift satan intended to destroy God restored… My point of this post is not my near permanent death or my writing skillz, no it’s about how God can restore or grant something in your life to benefit not yourself, but to benefit & Glorify the Kingdom of Heaven for the point of reaching souls for Heaven… So what ever gift set God has given or has restored use them to your fullest potential and without fear of others opinions; because God opinion is the only one that matters in the end result.


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