Fresh Start

A fresh start, I recently broke away from a blog called Proj3ct Ignit3 the blog has over 300 followers. Recently the Lord said the following to me,

Stop focusing on your “audience” and focus on your purpose. You can have a packed house and not reach a single soul.

This really got me thinking so I prayed and the Lord replied back after some time “walk away start fresh” you see I had a vision for Proj3ct Ignit3 with good intentions and God corrected me and told me that His love for others is not a project, it is whom He is. The Lord recently said to me, that when he called for me to write the purpose was to be open and share my raw relationship with Jehovah and to make some of it public for others to be able to see a raw relationship between human and God. (Jehovah) when I started Proj3ct Ignit3 blog my intentions were to talk about the ignition of the Holy Spirit and how to keep that desiring fire burning.

The blog took on it’s own growth and instead of admitting to my failure I tried to keep it alive and 300 + followers later God spoke to me again and said the following ⇒

Stop focusing on your “audience” and focus on your purpose. You can have a packed house and not reach a single soul.

I knew this was true I was focusing on the audience aspect. Then one day I decided I needed to surrender and throw up my white flag.

Since I have done just that my ability to come up with writing topics started to flow again, the difference is now when I write I don’t write for others, I write for the Lord and then I return the work unto the Lord and allow the Holy Spirit direct the audience to the posts.

Lord I’m sorry it took me so long to surrender, please forgive me, thank you for your Grace and Mercy, Lord please help me to continue from this point on to focus on my purpose to write to glorify the Kingdom of Heaven. May the Holy Spirit enrich others through my obedience to write, may also the topics be of your’s and not of me Amen.


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