Soulja Up Series: Your Uniqueness Is Needed In The Battlefield.


God created you to be unique among the rest of mankind, there is people in the world in need of your obedience towards Jehovah and to use your talent to bring people from the depths of the very shadows you, use to hang within to sin. Fam I get it I use to be afraid myself, but when you place your faith in Christ; the boldness from within begins to emerge…

Many claim they’re “Christians” now days the term is loosely used in today’s settings. God needs “BOND-SERVANTS”  souljaz ready to hit the battleground full force ready to run beside God and accept the orders He has for you on any given day, if you like those orders or not. As part of the body of the bride of Christ you are to stand firm and not be ashamed of your Lord and mighty master.  The world is going to do what it knows best and that is to follow trends, don’t be a trendy (follower) but instead be a trend setter ( a leader) among the crowd. Go against the wave of the world and show others you can be yourself and free through Christ, pass on the gift of hope unto others through your words and actions…

Short Story
My earthly dad, hated God and after his first stroke, my dad became a man wanting to serve God, you really could sense the change within him, and you could tell it wasn’t fake either… From my stand point I knew my dad as an abuser for many years and during the last five years here on earth he, taught me how to be a true serving Christ bound bond-servant. Really all the credit goes to Jehovah, because it was Him with the guidance of the Holy Spirit that changed my dad.

My point is this, God doesn’t care about your mistakes or your postilion in life right now, because non of that matters to a God that has the ability to transform you, if you will become willing to accept such challenge and gift then God can transform you and sow that transformation among others.

God placed you here on this earth to establish a purpose in life that Honors God, but more importantly brings others around you to the very light of hope that set you free as well.

Jeremiah 29:11 (KJV)
11 For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.


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