My Final Thoughts As Your Husband


Matthew 5:31-32 NIV
31 “It has been said, ‘Anyone who divorces his wife must give her a certificate of divorce.’
32 But I tell you that anyone who divorces his wife, except for sexual immorality, makes her the victim of adultery, and anyone who marries a divorced woman commits adultery.

Dear Bella my wife for a few more hours. Bella, I am deeply hurt by your actions against the marriage vows you said to me before God almighty. Bella I have come to learn you had no desire to up hold the marriage vows you spoke for you were already sleeping with another woman’s husband before you even married me, and what makes it worse is you admitted to starting that affair on the very day my dad was taking his last breath in his hospital bed. I never knew such a cold hearted person until I come across you, I’ll admit I had the love blinders on for so long because I had hopes we could make the marriage work, but you had admitted to me after I discovered the affair that you had no desire to fix the marriage but instead you had deep desire to further your relationship with your adulterous lover…

Bella, I am divorcing you, not to free you up for your lover to marry you but instead to remove myself from your sinful ways so I can become more focus on having the mindset which is kingdom minded to glorify God almighty in heaven. What you don’t know is God actually asked me if I was willing to sacrifice our marriage to grow closer to my Lord, two days after I found out about the affair. I told God I was willing and then God shared the following scripture with me which confirmed I made the right decision to close this marriage with a divorce certificate.

2 Timothy 3:5 ►
having a form of godliness but denying its power. Have nothing to do with such people.

Bella, you come across to others that you are a Christian but you deny God’s presence in you, but partake in evol actions for the sole purpose of flourishing your affair relationship with your adulterous lover. Bella, you have gone as far as saying your not sinning when the Bible clearly states you are.

Hebrews 13:4
4 Marriage should be honored by all, and the marriage bed kept pure, for God will judge the adulterer and all the sexually immoral.

Bella, after I discovered the affair you became very cold towards me and had no shame flaunting the adulterous relationship in front of me, you, yes you Bella, acted if you were not doing anything wrong and that I was the enemy for speaking against the affair. I meant what I said that day which was the relationship won’t flourish and rumors are your love has already cheated on you many times already but that comes with the territory when it comes to dealing with cheaters like yourself.

Yes you did hurt me but I do forgive you and your lover, not because I want to but because I need too, to move forward with my relationship with God.

Be on the Look out for I will be writing a more in-depth blog post from the view point of being your ex-husband next. I will have a lot to say in that post. 😉



I’m In Need Of Prayer

Painful Divorce

Hello Souljaz!

Well, tomorrow I go before the judge for mine & Bella’s divorce hearing. I tried everything in my power to reconcile the marriage, but God has made it quite evident to me, that her betrayal goes far back, long before we became married. This whole break up process has be quite hard for me and as God had chosen to unravel Bella’s lies I begin to think to myself how could I live life with Bella for many years before we got married when God had revealed to me the coldness Bella’s heart continues produce.

I’m seeking prayer from God’s souljaz for the sole purpose that God’s will, will be done and honored in the court room and that I will be able to continue to move forward and continue to heal from the divorce. Thank you in advance ~Pyrx 😊


Thank you, for stopping by and for reading my latest blog entry. My hopes are you enjoyed your time and learned something new. 😊

Pyrx, 🔥


Life Update 4/8/18

Your Host Pyrx,

‘Sup? Souljaz? 😊

Hello everyone it’s been a bit, since I last wrote a post, Since I moved from my previous address to my current address, my life has changed drastically. I have a court hearing this month to divorce my wife Bella, Since she won’t reconcile our marriage by leaving my step dad. Also as of right now I started a mentorship and I am learning how to become a community leader. Something I really feel God has called upon my heart.

Recently my friend Ana, got a 30 yard dumpster. So, I can help her clean out her basement from past residents items that have been left behind over the years mostly bulky furniture.

Spring Cleaning 2018

2018 has been a very busy year for me so far because I have a lot on my plate and we’re only the 4th month into the year. But I cannot complain because I am blessed that God has entrusted me with more responsibilities. 😊

Well, that is all I have to share for now.

God Bless,

Pyrx, 🔥


Obedience Towards God Creates Natural Change Within

2018 The Year Of Change and new goals

Hello Souljaz!

Fur sure it has been quiet here too quiet for my liking, but God had asked me to place my focus into other aspects of my life and the blog took a backseat because of it. 😦

This year alone has been a busy one for me so far and God has done so much in such a little time frame! I have been delivered from the following recently.

Delivered From The Following Addictions

  • Sexual Lust/ status (DELIVERED)
    I suffered from this addiction for many years and was addicted to porn, I went before God at church and sought prayer and I heard God ask me if I trusted Him and I replied Yes and I fell to the ground afterwards and my body begin to shake and many prayed around me, for the most part I don’t remember much other than after I came too many minutes later I no longer was plagued by the non stop of sexual lust racing through my mind.
  • Cigarette Addiction/ status (DELIVERED)
    I quite cold turkey and was prayed over by someone at the church I attend and the addiction was lifted from me right then, I know because I felt God take it from me as I obeyed and handed the addiction to God.
  • Anger/ status (DELIVERED)
    Yes I use to be a very anger man and I had a short temper, I recently surrendered my anger over to God and God placed a new song in my heart.

God has surely been busy in my life since mid December of 2017, by January God had made some pretty bold moves in my life and has placed it upon my heart to start the Soulja 4 Christ Movement ministry, God placed the ministry as a movement on my heart because God has placed a vision upon my heart that I will be leading others into a new lifestyle throughout my community.

God is so awesome because I had asked the Lord to please help me find a church that is passionate about the Word of God, and God has placed me in a church that is only a block from my new place… The church is called “Living Word” I have been attending since January and within the past two months this church alone has taught me so much! but more important the living word church has invoked a hunger for God’s word unlike my previous church that I had attended for 7 years.

Recently I had sense God was calling it upon my heart to seek out living word and see if I could become part of the mentor program for community leadership, anyone that knows me well knows I was afraid of rejection for the majority of my life, but I felt the Lord really laying it upon my heart to seek living word for mentorship so I took the risk and asked trying my best to be obedient to my Lord, The person I talked to on the living word team asked me to share the vision I felt the Lord was calling upon my heart and I even went a step further and told them I asked the Lord into my heart back in January at living word and I also shared what I was currently struggling with in my life. So, the person told me that they would consider everything that I said to them and that they needed time to go before the Lord and seek God Himself and see what God had to say to them.

Well, Good news!

I have received word from the person that I spoke with and they got in contact with me, and asked me some more questions and after I answered those questions then the person come back and replied to me that they believed God was backing the call upon my heart.

So I was accepted into the mentorship program and since I have started the mentorship course God has been fast tracking quite a bit of things in my life and I’ll admit that sometimes my head feels like it is spinning sometimes because God has been completing change within me at a rapid pace at times and I had asked why would God do this in my life and my mentor asked me to go home and spend some private time with the Lord and meditate on the word of God, and I also sat in silence and waited upon God to speak to me. As I sat there with the notepad open on my tablet I continued to wait and see what God had to say and boy did he have a lot to say that day.

To basically sum up what God had said to me, God had said to me that this world is suffering with a heavy spiritual warfare upon people’s souls and God had told me that I was one of His mighty souljaz and that I was one of His many secret weapons that will be used to counteract the attacks coming from the pits of hell.

I had asked God, what was He really trying to tell me, and God had told me the following…

Pyrx, The prince of darkness is amping up his attack on mankind and I am calling upon my willing and obedient souljaz to fight the good fight and spread the word of life into mankind’s hearts that are willing to hear and turn from their sinful lives and they will begin to see the light of life and my love as there Lord, Son, I have great plans instore for you for you are one of my many secret weapons against the dark powers that are against mankind.

Pyrx, I will be fast tracking many things in your life, and many will see the great things I complete within you and you will in-return reflect those healings and changes within you to help spread the living word of God unto other I place in your path.

As God had stated He would be fast tracking some areas of my life and I have noticed the many healings that has been completed in me, and it has in-return helped me trust the Lord more and help restore my faith.

God has told me and shared many great things with me, and there is some exciting changes in-store for the kingdom of Heaven with the ministry movement that God has entrusted me with. As of right now I am soaking in all the training God is providing me with.  I am nervous about stepping into a leadership role out in the community but I believe God prepared me for this role and task.

Please keep on the Lookout for I will be sharing exciting changes as they happen down the pipeline


Change of Perspective

Real Talk By Your Host Pyrx,

{This NOT a rant} Pushing forward with my faith walk hasn’t been easy at all, I have noticed the more I push towards being closer to my Lord & Savior that the devil is becoming more aggressive with attacking me, which shows me that I am on the narrow path and the devil hates the fact I am leaving him behind in the past as I push towards my future with the Lord in my life.

Yes, I have a lot going on in my life, right now. but I can also see how it has been a blessing in disguise because the hard knocks of life have shown and drawn me closer to God’ because I can see now how much I really need God in my life. I’m learning how to love and accept myself so I can learn to accept and love others even when they choose to become my enemy with their actions or words.

The bible teaches that we as Christians should love our enemies and I will go a step further and say I see my enemies as blessing because they have tried me to no end and I have begun to learn how to trust God’ instead of trusting my own instincts.

I Used My Free Time Yesterday To Create July A Cartoon Version Of Herself To Use For Her Profile Pik

Pyrx, waving to all his readers

Watz Up? Souljaz,

Yesterday I had found some free time from my busy schedule and while I was on the city bust I asked July for her phone and I asked July, if I could study her face and I ended up creating this cartoon version of my friend July.


Cartoon Version Of July

Lord Why Are You Allowing This?

Feel Like I’m walking Alone Among The Darkness

Pyrx:  Lord I’m here walking among the darkness trying to help my friend July navigate the darkness so she can see the light of hope again. but every time I begin to lead her towards the light the demon assigned to throw her off the narrow path of hope and life, Lord’ the demon seems to be getting it’s way because every time she tries to do the right thing for you Lord, she faces heavy resistance and she begins to run back to her comfort zone. Lord, I feel like every time I get a good distances with July, leading her towards the light of hope and life, She begins to question her trust for you Lord, because of all the abuse she has faced from her abusive ex for the last 22 yrs.

Lord, I am trying my best to show July, that you won’t forsake July through my Christ like actions but Lord I am finding myself being plunged into the zone of the unknown many times over and Lord you know how I feel about the unknowns in my life. Lord you know alone that she was a people pleaser and now she is trying to stand firm for you Lord, and as I try to lead her through this dark moment in her life, like you have asked me to, in return it has actually placed a target on my back. Lord for a while there all I could hear you say to me was soulja up and and dig my heels in deep and fight the good fight. But Lord as I try to do what you have asked of me, the stress becomes relentless Lord,

Lord as you know July’s enemies have turned against me as well, but to make things worse as I try my best to stick by July’s side in this dark moment of her life, I find that not just her enemies are causing great resistance but demons have made it much harder for me to lead her to the light of hope and life, Lord I have experienced a relentless attack of physical illness when I went to the court house to help July, evict an unruly tenant from her home,

Lord as the illness hit me by surprise I cried out to you asking why was I feeling like I was and why I was sensing demonic forces behind the attack. Lord, I asked you why you allowed me to be attack like that and you gave me a short reply that I was going to be safe but that you allowed the demon attacking me by making me physically ill for the sole purpose of teaching me that souljaing up wasn’t going to be easy at times because the demonic forces don’t play fair and that the devil will go to any length to try and stop an active Christian from leading others to you Lord.

Lord today the female nurse from the doctor office called me to check up why I had not completed the test I was asked to complete and I explained I had become homeless shortly after the doctor appointment and lost the test slip and as I was talking to the nurse on the phone I heard this demonic voice break across the phone threatening me to stop showing July she is a worthy person through you Lord and Lord you know and I know from hearing it daily that July feels like a worthless person because that was drilled into her head all her life, Lord, as I try my best to endure the rejection coming from July towards me as friend because she is afraid of being rejected because that is all she has ever known.

Lord, as I try my best to stand firm against July acting out of fear of rejection as July started to push me out of her life, because July’s bully tenant threaten to remove me from July’s life and has a track record of lying on someone else and had successfully removed someone from July’s life, and I tried my best to explain to July that just like you Lord, I wasn’t going to abandon July either just like you won’t Lord.

This is when I begun to experience pressure from many angles like for instance, physical illness, my wife Bella’s life became in grave danger, as well her unruly tenant damaged July’s GFCI outlet causing July unexpected repair cost and then I heard you say Lord to learn how to fix the outlet I tried my best to learn but then I begun to get heavy resistance from another resident of July’s house that has the attitude that they know everything better than Google. Lord I knew it wasn’t going to be easy to go back into the dark cave and navigate through the darkness showing July, through your guidance that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, but every time I try to walk forward I find July running back deeper into the cave every time she experiences slight resistance. Lord, this is causing me to be among the darkness of her life troubles longer even though she is honestly trying to do right by you Lord… Lord I have to admit the pressure is starting to wear me down and the last thing I heard from you Lord, was soulja up because many unknown aspects are going to enter into yours and July’s life I need you to represent me by showing July I as her Lord, won’t leave her in this mess of darkness but if you give up July will feel abandoned just like everyone else has done in July’s life and I need you Pyrx to show her just how hard the Lord will fight for her soul. 

Lord, you told me this two days ago and I am trying my best to live a blameless life, for you Lord, and represent you Lord, but just like when I found out about the affair 4 months ago that my wife Bella, is indulging in I couldn’t hear your voice for 2 months but I didn’t give up I kept seeking you Lord. But the pressure of the affair and the pressure of attacks coming from so many angles that I feel that my head is going to fall off, and all of sudden you went silent again Lord and I asked you why and the only reply I heard was the following scripture be called upon my heart then afterwards I haven’t heard from you since and that was two days ago.

Psalm 23:4  (ESV) 4 Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,[a] I will fear no evil,for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me.

Lord, I honestly find comfort in knowing you will protect me, but Lord, your silence again in my life is making me feel uneasy and I cannot figure out why when I feel I need to hear you the most you would go silent like this, I know last time I faced a life test you were silent and it did draw me closer to you, because I sought you even more, but Lord this pressure is much greater than finding out about the affair… Lord as you know as I was heading to the court house I could sense the demonic force against me and it was out to destroy me. and as I heard that demonic voice during the phone call today I heard the following message.

Warning stop showing July is a worthy person through your kind actions because her soul is ours and we want her to continue to believe she is unworthy in God’s eye’s if you don’t stop and continue down the path of leading her to God I will destroy you.

Lord I understand now why you called such scripture upon my heart and I’m thankful for your comfort and protection but I am growing weary as a soulja for you Lord know and I can sense the darkness calling me back as I try my best to rely on scripture you have taught me to persist pushing forward for you Lord, I feel when I need to hear you the most that you have left me alone even though scripture has taught me you will never leave my side. Lord I don’t know how much more of the pressure I can handle when I cannot hear you, before I snap and fall off the edge and fall back into darkness myself.

Lord you know I am trying my best to not be swayed by the pressure of darkness I really need your continued guidance Lord and I will continue to seek you and your guidance with all my heart and soul..

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