You Have The Power Play Through Johovah

The Mighty King Power Play Hello everyone! Today I would like to encourage you to focus on the "Mighty King Power Play" Below is the following message the Lord placed upon my heart. Mighty King Power Play Beloved why be dismayed? For I am for you! There is nothing I as Jehovah your Lord and … Continue reading You Have The Power Play Through Johovah

Blog Update 4-12-19 Continued

Hello everyone in my previous post I begin to speak about how I became a mark for an I woman I met 2o yrs ago named Bella. I became a mark to her in a way that she saw me as access to have reason to be around my step dad at the time 20 … Continue reading Blog Update 4-12-19 Continued

Blog Update 4-12-19

Pyrx, Is Feeling Depressed Hello everyone I wanted to give an update why there hasn't been new content. I am not looking for attention or pitty I just want to be real with the readers for struggles in life are certainly real at times. Some may know and many may not, last year I went … Continue reading Blog Update 4-12-19

Prayer For 3/27/19

Lord I come to you today with a heavy mind and heart as you know Lord winter was rough and now I face outdoor work because of it plus many other things on my plate because Ana, owns her home and she is handicap due to a major stroke, So, a lot of tasks lay … Continue reading Prayer For 3/27/19

Blog Update: New Theme

Hello Everyone! I choose to change the theme to a darker theme color palette, because I was having a hard time reading the white font with the dark background overlay. I figured since the font was hard for me to read then it must be hard for some readers to read also. I didn't want … Continue reading Blog Update: New Theme

Stand Up And Stand Firm For Jesus Christ Or Fall For Anything

◄ 1 Corinthians 10:12 (Niv) So, if you think you are standing firm, be careful that you don't fall!Bible As Christians we need to be anchored into our faith and the word of God, simultaneously to remain planted firm on our feet like a tree rooted strongly into the ground. Psalm 1:1-3 He will be … Continue reading Stand Up And Stand Firm For Jesus Christ Or Fall For Anything

Seek The Lord First In All Aspects Of Life

Jeremiah 29:13 13 You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.Bible Abba (Father) wants us to seek Him first with an open heart in all aspects of our lives with small & BIG decisions. Many of us are guilty of waking up and pushing forward with life decisions … Continue reading Seek The Lord First In All Aspects Of Life